Media Center

Hiawassee Media Center Policies

Welcome to Hiawassee Media Center where we love to read and show what we know!  We have a variety of books to help your love of reading grow and grow.  Here are our policies:

Kindergarten – 1 book

First Grade – 1 book on their reading level

Second Grade – 2 books on their reading level

Third Grade – 2 books on their reading, at least 1 from the Fiction Section

Fourth Grade – 2 books, at least 1 from the Fiction Section

Fifth Grade – 2 books, at least 1 from the Fiction Section


Accelerated Reader Program (AR)

Our school uses the Renaissance Accelerated Reader program.  It’s an exciting reading program that determines their reading level with the STAR Test and promotes reading with understanding through the Accelerated Reader Tests (AR).  This is where it gets really exciting, each AR test a student passes earns them AR points.  Students love gaining points!  It’s visual proof for them and their teacher that they are getting smarter and smarter.  Check it out at home and soon you, too, will love taking and passing AR tests! 

You may access the AR site by clicking "Accelerated Reader" on the left side of the page or by clicking here for Accelerated Reader.

Read books every night, sign in with your student's login information, and start watching your student get smarter and smarter! J


Bounce Back Books Section (BBB)

Our library is made up of many sections.  One of the sections is the Bounce Back Books Section (BBB).  This section is for students at the beginning of the year.  The purpose is to help students understand their responsibility in the care and return of library books.  Once a student has successfully returned their BBB then they may check out books from the regular sections.  Another purpose of the BBB is to offer books to students if they are unable to check-out books due to due to a lost or damaged book.

New Books Section

New books are added to the library collection throughout the year.  It’s always fun to check out something new and interesting!  To show how extra special these books students need to earn at least 5 AR points.  We also have a Graphic Novels Section.  Student’s need to earn at least 20 AR points to check these books out and have at least 1 Fiction or Everyone Section book.