Extended Day


*All children attending Hiawassee Elementary School are eligible to enroll in

the after school program

*Registration forms are available in the school office during school hours or from the Site

Director in the school cafeteria. You may also call our office at (407) 296-6410 ext.2230 or 1-888-720-2882 to request further information and /or Registration Forms.

*The following information is required on all Registration forms:

Child’s Full Name

Child’s Date of Birth

School Name & Grade

Emergency Contact/Pick-Up Information

Password (a word known only by A.S.P. and

the parent and/or guardian)

Home & Work Numbers for Parents/Guardians

and emergency contacts

Complete Home Address

Alternate Phone Numbers (e.g. cellular, beepers, etc)

Names of Persons Permitted to Remove Child

*Please make sure you fill out your Registration Forms completely and update your

information when necessary with the Site Director

*There is a non-refundable Registration Fee for each child registered in the family

(e.x. 2 children = 2 Registration Fees)

*After School Programs does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or

national origin.

Fee Information/Schedule of Payments:

*There are 10 payment periods during the school year. A copy of the current Payment

Schedule is available from the Site Director.

*Please note that the payment period does not include the days the children are off from

school and Winter and Spring Break.

*Payment is due Monday through Thursday during the payment period and should be

paid at the site to avoid confusion.

*As per School Board Policy 3411, all payments must be made in advance prior to

the start of the attendance period

*If payment is made late, your child may be dropped from our enrollment.

If a child is dropped from our enrollment, they must be re-registered in the program and

an additional registration fee paid, if space is still available.

*No child may attend the after school program if payment has not been made for the

upcoming payment period

*Payments may be made in cash, check or money order, and should be made payable to

After School Programs, Inc.

*Please make sure your child’s full name and school appear on the check

*There is a charge of $25.00 on all returned checks.

*If a check is returned, payment must be made immediately in cash, including the return

check fee, or your child may be dropped from our enrollment.

*If 2 or more checks are returned, all future payments must be made in cash.

*Children are required to be enrolled for the full month

*Children enrolled in the program who are not in attendance and miss days during the

month due to illness or other reasons must still pay for the entire month.

*There are no refunds unless a child is withdrawn or dismissed due to disciplinary

reasons from the program